Meat School at the Tasting Table


Meat School is already in session.

(From the Taste Hungary website) One glance at a butcher counter in Hungary, and it is evident that Hungary has a considerable meat culture to explore. This is good news for carnivores and cooks, but it means there’s lots to learn. Hungary has its own fascinating traditions of butchery, and a culinary culture which influences what cuts are found in the butcher shops. It is a carnivore’s dream—with a wide variety of meat products and delicious meat-centric cooking traditions—but those cuts are entirely different from what is found in the US, the UK, and elsewhere.

There’s no better guide to learning about the local meat, how to handle it, and how to cook it, than David Wilkinson. We have long been fans of David’s sausages (as well as the top-quality range of meat which he sources and sells). He comes from a Yorkshire butcher dynasty and has been making sausages in Budapest for more than a decade…


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