Wilkinson’s British Sausage


Wilkinson’s supplies a wide variety of  fine meats and sausage made fresh here in Budapest for delivery to your home or office.

bernard outside shop

Wilkinson’s Sausage was founded in 2004 by David Wilkinson of the Wilkinson sausage dynasty from Yorkshire, England. Here at Wilkinson’s we support the ethos of real food. This means that we do not add anything artificial to our products; you will find no e-numbers, no msg, no added sulphates or preservatives. We do use salt, but at low levels compared to commercial sausages.  We blend all our own seasonings, a rarity for butchers these days.

We have a traditional range of British sausage including Cumberland, Lincolnshire and Plain Pork.  We also make a wide variety of sausage to reflect the taste of the diverse expat and local communities here in Budapest. Our Italian Sausage with pork and fennel will be familiar to our North American community,

On our blog and website you will find helpful tips and RECIPES with some great links to sites that we feel do justice to this humble but fabulously tasty food. If you have a recipe you want to share or a suggestion for a new variety of sausage, please CONTACT US and we’ll see if we can make it for you.

We supply fresh sausage for all those who are looking to try a gourmet product made to the highest standards.  Welcome to our site and please enjoy!